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Discover Switzerland with bicycle excursions

Travel – Discover – Different

Our graduated routes on the roads of Switzerland are designed for all cyclists regardless of their level.

However, the Cycloswisstour offers are aimed at a clientele initiated to the use of two wheels and to mobility with road traffic on public land or in agricultural and mountainous areas.
Opt for à la carte tours in soft and respectful mobility!
You can travel at your own pace and freely visit magnificent areas, outside of static standards, because you have a great deal of freedom in the perimeter between Lake Geneva and Zermatt.
At your choice, you can switch from one region to another, via the balcony of the Jura, La Côte, the contours of Lake Geneva, the terraced vineyards, or even in Valais, along the Rhône, in the middle of the Alps on the southern bank of the river at the foot of mythical mountains.

We have predefined circuits, itineraries and hotel stops for tours tailored to your needs, whether on a star or around a region or in stages to other destinations of your choice.
Graduated and connected routes allow everyone to find the path that suits them by bike or e-bike.

Draw me my turn

Shape your journey according to your desires

We give you the freedom to choose your objectives, routes and destinations, as well as to stimulate your curiosity with local experiences, discovering places, our heritage and our culture.

The circuit programmes, staggered routes in easy, intermediate or challenger modes are planned. Bike hotels are selected according to defined criteria and compose a wide menu of attractive offers à la carte.
We offer you exceptional regions and sites in a compendium of highly diversified landscapes including lakes, green countryside, exceptional vineyards and mythical summits of the Alps.

Our highly qualified travel advisory service is also at your disposal to personalize your trip and guide you on a tour route.
Let yourself be inspired!

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Switzerland by bicycle with stopovers

Our à-la-carte tours

Choosing your bike greatly contributes to your mobility on the roads of the towers. Riding with the assistance of an electric motor, used wisely, eliminates the differences in level and allows the insiders to ride long distances with a controlled effort.

Our itineraries mapped out by cycling professionals allow you to modulate your stays, your travels and the routes to discover.

Depending on your current aspirations, your cycling experience, the shape of the day and sometimes the weather, you can choose the route that suits you best. We have designed more than 50 courses graded by strengths and distances in 3 distinct color-coded levels similar to alpine skiing.
BLUE routes mark easy or direct routes with a limited distance. RED represents more demanding intermediate roads with a wider discovery area. BLACK routes mark more steeply sloping roads to more distant sites. Black courses are intended for good riders or require the use of a bike with good electric assistance.

During your stay, our digital travel diary, which brings together all the itineraries and routes of the regions you have selected, allows you to cross the gradations of the routes, explore trails designed to explore a region, or trace yourself to another destination, another place.

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Dedicated services of Cycloswisstour

Our catalogue of services around the bicycle

Our tours are shaped like cycling, free, agile, borderless and intuitive.
The attractiveness of the offer is deliberately built for a real contribution of broad-spectrum solutions around the needs and expectations of participants with a range of services dedicated to cycling and itinerant travel.

A unique catalogue, special Cycloswisstour, is available to make your trip as pleasant as you wish.
Depending on where you live, whether in Switzerland or abroad, we have adapted the coverage of a breakdown insurance or an optional component in cycling and mobility insurance for your assistance in the event of a mechanical problem on Swiss routes.

A selection of Swiss high-tech bicycle rentals with electric assistance are also available to accompany you like a true travelling companion. It is important to equip yourself with a bike that meets the standards and is in perfect condition for mobility. If your own cycle doesn’t offer the necessary guarantees, don’t hesitate to rent one from us!

Personalized guidance on the roads, either individually or in small, human-sized groups, is an attractive alternative to travel and escort. The expertise of a bicycle guide allows you to share tips on how to ride, to adapt your mobility wisely or to discover exceptional places, to go on excursions in complete relaxation and without navigation.

Themed tours between the heritage and terroirs of the regions, a range of personalized experiences on and beside the bicycle are other amenities available to complete your trip.

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The fascination of Thömus bikes

Roll your Tours with an exceptional cycle.

You want to enjoy the Thömus experience, you don’t have the right bike for the tour, we have selected three exceptional cycles.

We take care of preparing the bicycle of your choice for your measurements