Who are we?

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Our motivations

At the origin of the project are a small number of businessmen who are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, motivated to bring new Swiss experiences to all audiences, both here and abroad, in the field of outdoor activities.

Our motto is to combine and unite forces and skills to deliver a new offer that is agile, modern and respectful.

Our multidisciplinary team, in love with the diversity of our Switzerland and concerned with changing customs and behaviour towards a softer and more respectful tourism, is dedicated to promoting mobility in a different way.
Together with leading partners, we have created a catalogue of offers dedicated to trips, discoveries and organised escapades with simplified accessibility, on a human scale, for everyone, around the bicycle, by integrating all services under the label of the itinerant travel brand.

A pure nature’s idea

The composition of a large network of Swiss Regions and key competencies has enabled us not to reinvent the wheel, but to completely reshape its balance and run!
We have opted to bring together the economies already in place, in order to support the ecosystems of the regions while providing a new supra-regional structure, uniform fluidity and own-size support services, agile connecting the territories and connecting them for outdoor fun.

Our digitalized offers and services allow everyone to choose the right package, design their own tours and itineraries and choose the products and services they like for the experience of their choice, or choose one of the pre-defined travel suggestions.

Our à-la-carte offerings will soon be extended over the four seasons, offering you diversified experiences and bridges between western Switzerland, the Bernese regions and central Switzerland.