Responsive travels

© Cédric Delapraz
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Respectful tourism for travelling on a human scale

The interest of the offer is deliberately built on a base respectful of nature, in keeping with the times and the expectations of the public.

The project is based on bringing together and tailoring a carefully selected group of partners and service providers who have embraced our original idea: connecting a wide selection of beautiful regions of Switzerland through soft, respectful and organised mobility, accessible to all those who are familiar with road mobility and cycling.
Our team, passionate businessmen in the field of outdoor activities and great supporters of Switzerland’s diverse heritage, has designed a new, graduated and human-sized offer for all forms of bicycle mobility.

© Cedric Delapraz

Accessibility is open to all audiences, from here and abroad, and to all budgets. The classification of our bike friendly hotels is divided into two distinct categories (easy riders and pure experience), in an à la carte format, allowing everyone to tailor the services they want.

We support local economies and their integration into the development of business in partner regions.
Our transport services and accompaniment are limited to the formation of small groups in order to optimise flows and services between connected destinations. Our tours, graduated by strengths and distances: Blue-Easy, Red-Medium, Black-Difficult, invite participants to connect the stages between destinations by bike.