Vallée de Joux

© Cédric Delapraz

The Vallée de Joux, so close and already elsewhere.

A magnificent country for some, a secret or a wolf country for others, both wild and focused on the luxury of haute horlogerie, the Vallée de Joux intrigues, fascinates or rejects.

A land of contrast, surrounded by lakes, greenery and forests, the Vallée de Joux reveals itself to be a world apart due to its configuration in the shape of a closed basin, isolated from neighbouring regions by mountain ranges. Its crazy charm and a wide range of varied landscapes make this region an authentic kaleidoscope of the Vaudois Jura.

Mass tourism has no place here, but a discreet and efficient infrastructure allows you to enjoy a la carte leisure in a true paradise of nature. Cycling or hiking in the coolness of the morning, swimming or water skiing in the heat of the afternoon and in the evening, tasting local products accompanied by meetings with the inhabitants who are deeply rooted and yet open to the world.

A Valley, to say the least, unique and profoundly magical.

In the saddle, choose a slow-up experience, savoring every moment, or opt for a sporty rhythm in search of breathtaking panoramas. The à la carte routes will guide you to welcoming hotel stops, offering services suitable for cyclists (bike friendly), between the charming regions of the Joux Valley, Nyon la Côte and Morges. In short, these are real Swiss jewels where the quality of life is elevated to the rank of art de vivre.

Discover and savour without moderation…