Recommendations and advices

Recommendations for good behavior on the road and other advice

Thank you for choosing Cycloswisstour® to travel the roads of our beautiful regions.

Through this document, we would like to give you some information so that your journey takes place in the best possible conditions.

We remind you that you travel under your own responsibility and that Cycloswisstour® cannot be held liable under any circumstances.

The biker is vulnerable in road traffic. Driving correctly and confidently helps to prevent accidents.

Equipment and clothing

Make sure your equipment (bicycle, shoes, clothes, etc…) is in good condition before you leave.

Always wear the helmet, fitted properly.

Choose clothes that are visible from a distance. In a group, the last in line may even wear a reflective vest.

Consider using effective lighting if you have to travel through tunnels without lighting or if you are planning to travel at night.

Check the weather, plan your route, and equip yourself accordingly. An extra layer is removed, while a missing additional layer can be problematic.

The weather can change quickly when travelling through the mountains. Make sure you have enough cover if necessary. A raincoat stored in a bathing suit pocket will usually do the trick.

Road traffic

Respect the traffic rules (priority, stop, red lights, etc…) of the Swiss Highway Code.

If you are from abroad, check first.

Always use bicycle lanes if they exist.

Respect pedestrians (children, the elderly) and other road users. Give way to them and to the tram and bus.

Show clearly and sufficiently in advance your intentions with your arm during a change of direction.

Always be alert and anticipate potential dangers before they occur.

Slow down in priority situations and be prepared to stop quickly.

Keep a sufficient distance from the cyclist or vehicle in front of you so that you can react in time if it brakes.

Climbing up lanes of cars that are stopped or moving from the right is permitted. However, for your safety, it is recommended to stop behind the stationary vehicles and not next to them. Climbing on the sidewalk or slalom between vehicles is not permitted, as it is dangerous.

Don’t drive too close to parked cars, as careless people may suddenly open the car door or drive off.

Pairs are permitted, but be prepared for narrow roads. For groups of more than 10 people, pairs are recommended to make it easier to overtake.

Please note that all traffic violations can be sanctioned by penalties.

Cycloswisstour® route

Our courses are indexed according to difficulty (blue => easy, red => intermediate, black => difficult). Choose a level that suits you to maximize your experience.

Don’t overestimate yourself. It’s better to start with a few trips than give it all on the first day.

When forming groups, divide yourself according to force levels. If necessary, assign a member of the group to close the step and ensure that everyone is present during the stops.


When traveling with a guide, always follow the guide’s instructions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our routes are modifiable. Share your feelings and desires with our guides in order to adapt the tours to make the most of them.

We wish you a pleasant stay and a pleasant journey!